LG G7 ThinQ in the US includes free extended warranty

LG G7 ThinQ in the US includes free extended warranty

The LG G7 ThinQ is now available for pre-oder in the US through Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint. The handset is set to be released on June 1. What's interesting about the LG G7 ThinQ is that unlike other manufacturers who offer 1-year warranties, LG offers a 2-year warranty for their flagship in the U.S.

LG calls this their "Second Year Promise", and was announced last year along with their LG G6. This allows customers in the US to extend their warranty from 1 year to 2 years as long as you have purchased your LG device from a mobile carrier or authorized retailer in the US. You will be required to register your smartphone on LG's official website within 90 days of its purchase in order to be eligible. Besides the LG G7 and G6, this warranty is also extended to devices like the LG G6+, V30, V30+ and V30S ThinQ.

Verizon has had the G7 ThinQ for pre-orders since May 24 for $31.25 a month for 24 months (0% APR; $750 retail). The company is offering a $100 discount on the handset when customers buy it on device payment plans. This discount will be applies as a monthly bill credit and is stackable with the carrier's current trade-in offers.

T-Mobile kicked off the pre-orders for the G7 Thinq on Friday, May 25th at 8AM EDT. With T-Mobile's BOGO deal, customers will be able to purchase a second LG G7 ThinQ using the EIP, and will receive 24 monthly bill credits to cover the cost. As usual, there might be a two-month period where you will have to lay out the monthly payments for both units until the bill credits kick in. The device will cost $30 down and with $30 a month for 24 months.

T-Mobile customers will have the added benefit of the 600MHZ low-frequency spectrum used by the G7 ThinQ, which travels farther and penetrate buildings better.

Check out the following video from T-Mobile showing its content creator Des, traveling through the streets of San Francisco on an electric skate board made by Boosted. He the goes on to unbox the LG G7 ThinQ.

Sprint While the G7 ThinQ will retail at $750 on Verizon and T-Mobile, Sprint customers will have to pay $792 ($42 more) on their network. This will require you to pay $33 a month for 18 months, and then you choose whether you want to return the phone or pay for six more months and own it.

You can also take advantage of the buy-on-get-one (BOGO) free through Sprint, but you will be required to sign up for a second line, so be sure to read the fine print.

You can learn more about the LG G7 Thinq here, and read about LG's Second Year Promise warranty extension, by following the source link below.

source - LG

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