How to make Alexa your default voice assistant on Android

Alexa for AndroidMost Android smartphones come with Google Assistant as its default virtual assistant. But what if you are an Amazon user who prefers Alexa instead. Well now its easy to make Alexa your default go-to assistant on your Android device.

But why would you switch to Alexa over Google ? For starters, You only have to utter the words "Alexa" to get its attention, instead of "OK, Google" which isn't as simple. Additionally, Alexa works with more smart home gadgets, even though Google recently expanded their support for their own assistant.

To get started, download Alexa for Android directly on your device or by visiting the Google Play Store. Once you have the app installed, open the Settings menu on your device and scroll down to 'Apps and Notifications.' Select 'Advanced' and then 'Assist app'. Here you will be able to pick between the Google Assistant, Alexa, or even Cortana.

Once you have selected Alexa as your phone's default assistant, you can access Alexa with a long-press on your (virtual or physical) home button. Unfortunately you cant trigger Alexa with your voice, but this will have to do for now.

This functionality has been around for awhile now, but was recently highlighted on Reddit as a tip for the Google Pixel 2. So if you are a fan of Amazon's Alexa over Google's Assistant, you can get Alexa working for you on your Android device with these easy steps.

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