Get the Verizon Wear24 for $49.99 on eBay

Verizon Wear24

The is an Android Wear 2.0 powered smartwatch the carrier launched last year with LTE connectivity. If you are looking for a connected wearable device at an affordable price, you can pick one of them up on eBay for just $49.99.

When it was first launched, the Wear24 was priced at $349.99, or $299.99 with a new two-year contract. The wearable features a round display, 4GB of internal storage and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset with 768MB of RAM. However the device lacks NFC (Near Field Communications), which means you wont be able to use Android Pay.

With Android Wear you get features like notifications, voice commands, GPS from any connected iPhone or Android device. You also get access to apps from the Play Store

Keep in mind that you can make and receive phone calls directly to and from the watch (with or without a smartphone), but only when using the Wear24 as a standalone Verizon phone line.

Verizon Wear24 colors

If the Verizon Wear24 is something you will be interested in, follow the source link below and pick one up from eBay seller tekreplay for $49.99. You can only get the wearable in Silver and Gold at the moment, as blade appears to be out of stock.

source - eBay

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