iClever Wireless Earphones Sport Earbuds Headset - Review

iClever Wireless Earphones Sport Earbuds Headset

Finding a good pair of wireless headphones with Bluetooth 4.1 support can be a costly affair, and iClever feels they have a solution that will give you that high level of quality without straining your wallet. These behind-the-neck wireless earphones and light, ergonomic, easy to use and convenient with a long battery life

One of the obvious concerns with purchasing a wireless headset is its battery life. While Bluetooth makes devices more convenient, having to constantly charge said devices can become cumbersome. Fortunately this is not an issue with the iClever Wireless Earphones. The unit promises 7 hours of battery life, and I was able to get a solid 5 - 6 hours of use out of the unit out of the box.

I purchased the iClever earphones after looking at various competitor models, and at first I was somewhat concerned about the design, wondering if it will fall out of the ear during active use. Fortunately, I had no issues keeping them in the ears. They are also very comfortable to wear, and come with various cushion sizes so you can find the best fit for you. Also the fact that they are extremely lightweight makes them easy to work with.

I tried pairing this device with a few phones and tablets and I had no issues... I did however struggle to pair it with Windows.

For audio quality, I will give these headphones 90% and this is the only reason I would give it 4/5. While the quality is very good, I did have a few drops here and there... However the audio was nicely distributed between the speakers, and the noise cancellation works very well during my daily commute..

If you are someone looking for a great pair of headphones/earphones on a budget, I would suggest giving the iClever Wireless Earphones a try.

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