Windows Phone will be known as Windows 10 Mobile

Windows Phone will be known as Windows 10 Mobile

Today Microsoft announced that there will be a total of seven different Windows 10 SKUs. One of version of interest is the eventual replacement of Windows Phone, which Microsoft has confirmed will be called Windows 10 Mobile.

Since Windows 10 will be launched as an evolving service, with a harmonious eco-system across all devices, the company wants a clear way to differentiate Windows on smaller screen devices without restricting the category to only phones. As such, Windows 10 Mobile will support new phones and tablets with screen sizes up to 8 inches.

The OS will also include the Continuum feature, which allows users to add a larger screen, mouse and keyboard to their phone and turn it into a PC. There also will be an enterprise edition of Windows 10 Mobile, which will give businesses the opportunity to license the OS for smartphones and small tablets. It also includes the latest security and innovative features.

Interestingly, Microsoft used the name Windows Mobile for their smartphone operating system before they launched Windows Phone 7 in November 2010. Windows Mobile was based on the Windows CE kernel and first appeared as the Pocket PC 2000 operating system.

While Windows 10 is set to be released by Microsoft this summer, Windows 10 Mobile is not expected to arrive until the fall.

source - Microsoft

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