When will my device receive Android M

When will my device receive Android M

Google has announced Android M, and subsequently released the first developer preview and SDK so developers can start porting their apps in preparation of its launch. Meanwhile the general Android community must be wondering when they will be receiving Android M.

Google casually mentioned that it's now partnering with over 400 different OEMs at I/O 2015, every one of which with different priorities attached to software updates, the answer varies. While we cant be certain, we can make guesses on when the update will arrive based on previous release schedules for major Android updates and make some projections.

Android M is not coming to any device before after July, in the third quarter of the year. This means a likely official release either in August or September, and as has been the case for years now, the Nexus line of devices will most probably be first to get the bump.

So far HTC is the only manufacturer to make any Android M update promises, stating that both the HTC One M9 and the HTC One M9+ will be updated to Android M. There's no word on exactly when the update will be rolled out, but we should soon find out more about this. The company previously promised an update to its flagship device within 90 days of Lollipop's release, but since the window was eventually extended, HTC may be a bit more conservative this time around with announcements.

As for the rest, we again expect a strong showing from Motorola, given its splendid track record and near-stock user interface, while handset makers with heavier proprietary skins - LG, Samsung, Sony - will likely require at least until late December/early January before their respective flagships get their hands on the good stuff (depending on when M goes official).

We will continue updating this post, and help you track when your handset will be treated to Android M. We suggest bookmarking this page and chekcing back regularly to keep track of your update to the latest version of Android.

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