T-Mobile says customers should #NeverSettleforVerizon

T-Mobile says customers should #NeverSettleforVerizon

Last week, T-Mobile CEO John Legere promised that he would be gunning for the nation's largest carrier, and on Tuesday morning the carrier announced a new plan and ad campaign called hashtag #NeverSettleforVerizon.

This campaign will allow Verizon customers to get a taste of what T-Mobile has to offer, while keeping the door open for a return to Verizon. The Verizon customer will be allowed to port their number over to a T-Mobile handset while they get to keep their Verizon phone.

If the Verizon customer loves T-Mobile after the trial, the carrier will pay off up to $650 in Early Termination Fees or an installment balance on a handset, once the customer trades in his Verizon phone. Of course, he will have to purchase a new T-Mobile handset with a Simple Choice plan.

If the Verizon customer tries T-Mobile and doesn't like it, they can simply turn in their T-Mobile handset within 14 days and T-Mobile will reimburse him for any costs involved in starting up his Verizon service, such as activation fees. The promotion starts on May 13th and May 31st is the last day that a Verizon customer can sign up for the trial. Interested Verizon customers should go to a T-Mobile store or visit the carrier's website.

T-Mobile is heavily marketing this offer with eight new ads (which you will find in the slideshow below) that highlight what T-Mobile says are negatives that Verizon customers have to deal with such as a slower LTE network, limited data, two-year service contracts, overages and bill shock, waiting to upgrade their phones, being overcharged overseas, having unused data repossessed every month, being trapped by ETFs, music streaming eating up their data, limited Wi-Fi calling, no guarantee that plan prices won't go up unexpectedly, and hidden fees.

It will be interesting to see if T-Mobile's newest campaign cut into Verizon's subscriber list. Still, Verizon has such a huge lead over T-Mobile in subscribers that Verizon will likely not feel too much of an impact.

source: T-Mobile

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