Nexpaq modular smartphone cases double battery life, adds storage and more

Nexpaq modular smartphone cases

Modular phones like Google's Project Ara, and the Puzzlephone from Circular Devices are expected to arrive in the market later this year. However, those who don't want to wait for these devices may be interested in what the Nexpaq smartphone case has to offer.

The nexpaq smartphone case has slots for six modules, all hot-swappable so you don't need to power down your smartphone to switch between them. The nexpaq case is available for Apple iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and Samsung Galaxy S5 while the individual modules are OS agnostic and will work on both iOS and Android. Modules are accessed and controlled using the nexpaq app.

There are 12 Nexpaq modules available, including battery (over and above the built-in battery), an amplified speaker, a super LED flashlight, a SD card reader, a temperature and humidity reader, hotkeys, USB flash storage (32GB and 64GB), an air quality sensor, a breathalyzer, a laser pointer and more storage in the form of a 64GB hard drive. The smartphone case also includes a built-in 1,000mAh, which the company says should increase your smartphone’s battery life by between 30 and 50 percent.

Nexpaq smartphone case modules

The company also has a Developer Kit, available as early as June, which includes a case and all 12 modules. Nexpaq hopes to inspire a hardware ecosystem for modules to be sold via a hardware app store. Nexpaq cases for iPhone 6 are slated to ship by November, followed by the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6 Edge cases by January next year.

source - Nexpaq (Kickstarter)

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