Microsoft releases Windows 10 Insider Preview build 10122 for Fast Ring

Microsoft releases Windows 10 Insider Preview build 10122 for Fast Ring

Microsoft has released Windows 10 ‘Insider Preview’ Build 10122 to Fast Ring users on the Windows Insider Program. The newest build offers a few new features, bug fixes and improvements which continue toward making Windows 10 more stable and polished.

Gabriel Aul, head of the Windows Insiders program, has also pointed out one big known issue - if you're using an AMD's Radeon range of GPUs you're likely to run into frequent crashes in Microsoft Edge. Those on Fast Ring who have AMD hardware are advised to switch to the Slow Ring for the time being to avoid this issue. You can do this by heading to Settings > Update & security > Windows Update > Advanced and change to the Slow Ring. Microsoft is working closely with AMD on new drivers to resolve the issue.

The new build is available for download through Windows Update for users already running the Windows 10 Technical Preview. You can download and update Windows 10 build 10122 by following these steps:
  • Click on the start menu and in the search box type ‘Windows Update’
  • Choose ‘Windows Update Settings’
  • In the left panel click ‘Preview Builds’
  • Click on the ‘Check’ now.
  • Download the new build
After the build downloads, your machine will begin to install 10122. Once the installation is complete, you should be running the latest version of Windows 10 for Insiders.

What's new in Windows 10 build 10122 for Insiders

Start Improvements:
  • We've further refined the visual layout of Start by moving File Explorer and Settings to the bottom left of Start next to Power and All Apps for better symmetry.
  • We have also updated the context menu when you right-click on items on Start.
  • The ability to toggle between Start menu and Start screen has been moved to the new Start settings page under Personalization settings.
  • And remember for people on 2:1’s or tablets, Windows 10 will automatically resize Start to the appropriate size when you are in Tablet mode. You can enable the full screen start without being in Tablet mode by going to Settings > Personalization > Start.

Continuum Improvements:
  • We also continue to improve Continuum. When you switch to Tablet mode, the left-hand pane is now collapsed and can be brought back out by clicking the icon at the top left.
  • Start also now has larger tiles to better use the available space– similar to what was seen in Windows 8.1.

Microsoft Edge Improvements:
  • Microsoft Edge now include new Tab Page
  • Tab Page is designed to get you to your next destination on the web as quickly as possible,
  • Tab Page features a revamped layout, including top sites, featured apps and content from MSN.The content of the page can be lightly customized in Settings.
  • Microsoft Edge now include InPrivate mode, the ability to pin websites to Start, history view, a new animated Reading View icon, and an audio indicator on tabs that have web pages making sounds or playing music.
  • This build also includes the latest enhancements to the Chakra engine in Microsoft Edge, which now leads all 64-bit browsers in both Google’s Octane 2.0 benchmark and Apple’s Jet Stream benchmark, and introduces class-leading ECMAScript 6 implementation.

Changes to how Windows 10 handles default apps:

  • Windows Store apps will now invoke a notification banner after your apps are installed telling you that new apps are available and you would click on this banner to change your defaults. This will eliminate the multiple prompts for setting default app during install and after they launched.
  • With Windows 10, all apps – both Classic Windows apps and Universal Windows apps – will be unable to invoke a prompt to change your defaults, only Windows. You remain in full control of your default experiences, while reducing some of the unwanted noise that multiple prompts can bring.
  • For example – if you install a new photo editor and go into File Explorer and double-click to open a JPG file – Windows will show you a prompt to change your default to the new app. So the prompt is shown in context when it matters, not randomly during setup or when an app is launched.
  • People who upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, well get an opportunity to upgrade your defaults during initial set up to new Universal Windows apps that come as part of Windows 10.

Redesigned Insider Hub:
  • The Insider Hub has gotten an overhaul in this build using a lot of the same design as the other Universal Windows apps included in Windows 10.
  • Check out the clean new homepage where Quests are shown front and center.
  • You can navigate to different content easily through menu and top left, your profile page can be seen at a glance, and announcement and alerts are succinctly organized.
  • You can also easily find known issues, which was a top request from Insiders, and view new badges for achievements that you have earned and can earn.

Fixes in Windows 10 build 10122 for Insiders

  • We have fixed the visual glitch (“rectangle slivers”) that appears on Live Tiles on the Start menu with the new tile animation. In general, performance of the Start menu should be better in this build.
  • We believe we have fixed a lot of the crashes with Microsoft Edge (Project Spartan) reported by Windows Insiders.
  • Developers – when you go to Settings > Update & Security > For developers – it no longer crashes the Settings app.
  • We fixed the issue some people were seeing where their graphics driver fails to install from Windows Update with error code 80070103. This was happening because WU was trying to re-issue the driver.
  • You should now be able to edit the IPv4 properties of an Ethernet adapter on your PC.
  • We have fixed issues where fonts would render blurry on High DPI displays. We’re cooking up a blog post we plan to publish shortly that talks a little more in depth about our investment with High DPI in Windows 10 so watch for it.
  • We have fixed some keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Edge. Control + L or Alt + D shortcuts now got to the URL bar more reliably.

Known issues in Windows 10 build 10122 for Insiders
  • PCs with AMD GPUs have frequent crashes in Microsoft Edge: If you’re using an AMD GPU you're likely to run into frequent crashes in Microsoft Edge (still branded as “Project Spartan” in this build.) We’re working with our partners at AMD on new drivers which should prevent the issue and will update this post once they're released.
  • Upgrading to this build on certain PCs may fail and roll back to the previously installed build with error 0x80070057 – 0x20007. This is a bug where too many device INFs are being migrated and hitting an internal limit. Possible workaround is to use Disk Cleanup to clean up system files and choose Device driver packages, Previous Windows installations and Temporary Windows installation files. You may also need to remove unnecessary peripherals and remove them from Device Manager and trying the upgrade again.
  • In this build there is a bug that may cause issues with Cortana speech. If you are experiencing problems with speech recognition, or are getting errors when trying to speak to Cortana, please visit this thread on the Windows Insider Program forum for assistance in recovering from this bug.

Keep in mind that this is a pre-release version of Windows, meant for seasoned users to test and provide feedback. If you come across any issues not mentioned in this post, please provide your feedback directly to Microsoft through the Insider Hub and the Windows Feedback apps.

source - Microsoft

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