BBM for iOS (beta) updated ( with message retraction and timed messages

BBM for iOS (beta) updated ( with message retraction and timed messagesBBM for iOS beta has been updated to version with several new features and improvements. After installing the update, users will be able to retract a message that has been sent hastily. This will be useful in case you have accidentally sent a message you wish you hadn't. With the new update, you can rescind the message as long as it wasn't already read. The message can be then edited (to replace the word "hate" with "love") and re-sent.

You can also set a timer to give your message a certain shelf life before it self destructs. If you don't want something you've written to linger afterward just in case it is read by the wrong people, the Timer feature can give you peace of mind, knowing that your message is no longer available to be read. In other words, you are giving the recipient of your missive a certain amount of time to read what you have to say before it disappears forever. The message retraction feature and the Timer are available via a separate subscription.

The beta update also offers several bug fixes to BBM for iOS. One such bug would freeze or crash the app if someone making a call using BBM hung up at the same time that the person being called answered the phone. Another bug fixed wouldn't allow Arabic numbers to be used when typing in a PIN to start a chat. If you come across any new bugs, the update will allow users to report a bug from the left menu on BBM's main screen.

BBM for iOS is available through TestFlight to only select members of the BBM beta community. You can download the update through the TestFlight app on your iOS device if you have subscribed for the beta program. Remember to back up your current messages by going to BBM > Settings > Toggle Save Chat History ON > Click Back-up Now. There is no word on when this build of BBM for iOS will drop the beta designation.

source - BlackBerry | CrackBerry

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