You can now send directions to your phone from Google desktop search

Its a common practice to research a place you plan to visit on your computer desktop. Google has now added a new functionality to Google Search which allows you to search for "send directions," and Google will let you pick a location and device, then you're good to go.

This method is easier than any of the previous methods which required logging into anything or installing an extension. While the Google Now directions card is convenient, its not always reliable when you lookup more than one address. The new search functionality fills in those gaps for the user.

The new direction push interface has a drop down with all your active Android devices. It automatically defaults to your phone's location when the directions are sent, but you can search for any location in the provided box. It will automatically kick your phone into Maps so you can start navigation. I found the link went through almost instantly upon sending. It appears to be live for everyone (in the US) so check it out.

source - Google

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