You can now purchase the OnePlus One without an invite

You can now purchase the OnePlus One without an invite

In celebration of its one-year anniversary since the launch of the OnePlus One, the manufacturer announced today, that it is globally opening up sales of handset. This means, that starting today, you can purchase the OnePlus One any day of the week, without an invite.

The OnePlus One was initially offered through an invitation system, and more recently was offered without an invite every Tuesday. In the blog post that made the announcement, the company mentions that the OnePlus One will never turn back to the invitation system. However the company did state that the upcoming successor, will return to the invite only system. The manufacturer originally announced the decision last fall, quoting its thin profit margin and a potential disaster in case of overstocking as the main reasons for going back to the invitation system with its upcoming smartphone. Hopefully for its growing fan base, OnePlus has learned from the mistakes it made a year ago when launching its first smartphone, and will avoid creating confusion and frustrating potential customers with the OnePlus 2 as well.

After selling more than a million units of the OnePlus One, the company now expects to sell somewhere between three to five million smartphones by the end of 2015. Not bad for a company founded back in December 2013, wouldn't you agree?

source - OnePlus

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