Windows 10 has a one-handed keyboard for phablets

Windows 10 has a one-handed keyboard for phablets

The second technical preview of Windows 10 for phones (build 10051) brings several new features and enhancements while making itself available across a wide array of devices. One of the features not officially mentioned in the changelog is the one-handed keyboard for large screen phones.

The keyboard can be shaped to take over the entire screen width, or made smaller to the left or right side depending on the users preferred hand usage. There are two distinct ways to enable the one-handed keyboard on Windows 10 for phones.
  • Open the keyboard in any app
  • Press and hold the '&123' key on the left side
  • Choose the keyboard icon
  • Select which option you want: full, left, or right
You can also easily access the one-handed keyboard by swiping left or right on your space bar key.

Check out the following video demonstrating the feature on the Lumia 1520, which has a 6 inch display. It should also work on other large screen handsets, but will not appear on smaller screen devices.

Leave us a comment below if you have tested the one-handed keyboard on your Windows 10 phablet.

source - WindowsCentral

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