Watch the Xiaomi "i is coming" event live stream

The Xiaomi Mi 4i is coming, and the official Xiaomi Mi 4i unveiling event will take place soon, revealing all the details. You can tune in and watch it live after the break

3.30AM PT | 6.30AM ET

Xiaomi, the world's biggest start-up, valued at nearly $45 billion has announced that it will be livestreaming an event taking place in New Delhi in India. India is the world's second most-populated country and smartphone penetration is still low compared with the rest of the developed world. With an extremely price-sensitive market, India is a huge opportunity for Xiaomi and it is the perfect place for the company to unveil the Xiaomi Mi 4i.

The Xiaomi Mi 4i will be based on the widely successful Xiaomi Mi 4 handset, but very little is known about the device other than that. Xiaomi has so far released five teasers for the Mi 4i: one relating to its high resolution, another one dedicated to craftsmanship involved in its making, a third one suggesting it has managed to fit a larger battery than most, and finally two that suggest the Mi 4i will carry a nicer feeling when you touch the body of the phone and be more comfortable to hold.

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