This video allegedly shows the Xiaomi Mi 4 running Windows 10 for phones

Xiaomi Mi 4 running Windows 10

A couple of weeks ago we learned that Microsoft was working on bringing Windows 10 for phones to select Android devices in the form of a ROM, and was testing this on the Xiaomi Mi4. now a video has surfaced showing the Xiaomi Mi4 allegedly running Windows 10.

The video was apparently made during the recently held WinHEC hardware conference in China, and shows Microsoft's mobile platform comfortably running on hardware built for Android OS.

Microsoft reportedly chose the Xiaomi Mi 4 as its users have a history of responding quickly to software updates sent out by the manufacturer. Xiaomi itself has made it clear that it is still committed to Google's open source OS and is essentially just a bystander when it comes to Microsoft's test.

Would you consider running Windows 10 on your Android device if Microsoft offered you a ROM ?

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