Project Spartan will be named Microsoft Edge and will be released with Windows 10

Project Spartan will be named Microsoft Edge

Today, during the BUILD 2015 opening keynote, Microsoft announced that the project Spartan web browser will be officially named Microsoft Edge. Microsoft announced Project Spartan around three months ago, with two goals in mind – to serve as a default web browser in Windows 10 and to replace the now-deceased Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Edge will come with Windows 10 out of the box. In fact, according to Microsoft, it will be available "on the widest range" of Windows 10 devices including phones, tablets, desktops.

Microsoft Edge logoWe have already seen what Microsoft Edge is capable of in the form of Project Spartan. It comes with built-in note taking functionality, a wonderful reader mode that clears distractions while you're reading articles, and Cortana integration for all your queries. What you've probably not seen yet, however, is the browser's New Tab page. Basically, each time you open a new tab, you'll be presented with a screen populated with shortcut tiles and widgets. These will provide weather information, the latest news headlines, a list of apps you might like, and so on, while the sites you visit the most will be listed at the page's very top. All this content will be dynamic, of course, and the suggestions will be tailored to your needs and preferences.

To enhance your web browsing experience even further, Microsoft is adding support or extensions to its browser. In fact, developers will be able to effortlessly bring existing Firefox or Chrome extensions to Microsoft Edge as the process will require only minor code modification. This feature was demonstrated live on stage with extensions for Reddit and Pinterest, which worked without a hitch.


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