LG UX 4.0 officially announced, set to debut on LG G4

LG UX 4.0 officially announced

LG has officially announced UX 4.0, a new user experience for its upcoming smartphones. The company also confirmed that the new user experience will make its debut on the LG G4, to be unveiled on April 28. LG UX 4.0 improves on the LG G3 interface with subtle color changes and a number of new features.

According to LG, the new UX 4.0 will be a more "personalized user experience" which will go beyond the normal conveniences we normally see with other UI enhancements. LG notes that UX 4.0 is a simpler interface with fewer configuration steps, yet still highly customizable.

One of the new features offered is Quick Shot, which let you take pictures quickly by double-tapping the rear key, even if the display is off. Smart Bulletins have been improved to aggregate information from multiple apps. From the teaser video, it looks like a blend between Google Now and hitting the multitasking key.

There are even more options for photographers, with simple, basic, and manual controls. Simple Mode is basically the "all-auto" end of the spectrum while Manual Mode enables "full creative control” which LG says will "impress even the most experienced photographer." The LG G4, which will feature an F1.8 lens camera, along with other LG handsets get UX 4.0, will be able to create event-specific photo albums.

As a whole, UX 4.0 learns more from your routines, making the Smart Notice smarter, and the information is far more relevant. So, if you are a runner, the notification will offer the weather forecast as well as additional tidbits like, "Perfect time to go for a run." Unique customizations continue from there where the UX 4.0 will also assign a unique ringtone ID for every caller that is in your favorites list.

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