Infinit for iOS and Android, lets you quickly transfer files between phones and computers

Infinit is a file transfer app for iOS and Android, which lets you quickly transfer files files between your smartphone and your computer. The service offers unlimited file size and types, whether it is full resolution photos or video without compression and lets you transfer it across your devices 30x faster than using a cloud storage service.

Infinit boasts of having the fastest speeds of any files transfer app, thanks to a proprietary peer-to-peer technology, but the greatest thing about the app might actually be the ability to share stuff between your phones and your computer or a tablet.

Infinit for iOS and Android works with Mac and Windows

If they are all connected to one Wi-fi network, for example, you can send a 2 GB movie for less than 10 minutes, which might finally do away with the need for a cable connection. In addition, the file transfers of your media or documents are safe from prying eyes, too, while traveling from one direction to another.

You can download the app directly on your device through its respective app store or by using the following links

Android iOS
Download from Google Play
Download from Apple App Store
Free Free
Android 4.0 or greater iOS 7.1 or greater

Also be sure to download the companion apps for your computer by following the source link

source - Infinit

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