Google announces major update to Android Wear, with Wi-Fi support, app launcher and more

Google announces major update to Android Wear, with Wi-Fi support, app launcher and more

Today Google has announced a major update to its Android Wear, which brings several new features and enhancements including Wi-Fi functionality and a new app launcher to the wearable platform.

The most interesting addition to the Android Wear platform with this update is Wi-Fi support. This will let users leave their phone behind and still get their notifications while in range of a wireless network. 

Additionally, when paired with a set of wireless earphones, your watch will let you enjoy your favorite tunes while exercising. Along with WiFi, the update will also enable GPS, and offline music support for smart watches equipped with the necessary hardware.

The update to Android Wear is designed to be more helpful by providing everything you need on your wrist. After the update, apps and contacts will be much easier to find, allowing you to access what's important to you with a single tap on the screen. A tap on the watch face will take you into your loaded apps, while swiping to the side will take you into your contact list.

The apps will gain an always-on ability after the update. Instead of disappearing as soon as you drop your arm, running applications will stay active for as long as you need them. However these apps will only draw in power when you are interacting with them, in order to preserver battery life on your Android Wear device.

Google also wants to make communication more fun, and is introducing Emoji recognition into the Android Wear update. you'll be able to draw an emoji using your finger which will be recognized, converted, and sent to a given recipient. If you don't want to bother with drawing your own emoji, you can simply pick one from a list.

The major Android Wear update is coming to all seven Android Wear watches, starting with the LG Watch Urbane. The other wearables should receive the update in the coming weeks.

source - Google

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