Best Buy will give you at least $200 toward a Surface Pro 3 with a tablet trade-in

Best Buy will give you at least $200 toward the Surface Pro 3 with a tablet trade-inBest Buy is giving customers an opportunity to save $200 or more on a purchase of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 if they plan to trade in their existing tablet in the process. All you have to do is head over to your local Best Buy big box location before Saturday, with a (working) tablet you want to trade in.

In return for your tablet, the retailer will give you a $50 Best Buy gift card along with a coupon of at least $150 off the price of the Surface Pro 3. Keep in mind that your tablet has to be in good working order without any water damage and or cracks on its screen. Keep in mind that broken tablets won't be accepted, nor will ebook readers.

At Best Buy, the Surface Pro 3 ranges in price from $799.99 for the 64GB model powered by the Intel Core i3, up to $1949.99 for the 512GB model that is powered by an Intel Core i7. If you want to purchase the Surface Pro 3 Type Cover, Best Buy has them in a variety of colors priced at $129.99.

So if you have had your eye on a new Surface Pro 3, you may as well take advantage of the offer. You can get some money for an old tablet you have lying around,a dn walk away with a brand new Surface Pro 3. However, remember that you will have to take advantage of this offer by Saturday, and it is only available at Best Buy stores.

source - PCMag

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