WhatsApp for iOS will support voice calls in just a matter of weeks

WhatsApp for iOS will support voice calls in just a matter of weeksDuring the Facebook F8 developer conference on Thursday, WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton made it clear that the feature allowing live phone calls to be made from the app will be offered to iOS users in a matter of weeks. He stated that WhatsApp had just the last year getting the feature for Android users, and that the iOS platform was the next in line for the update.

Currently the voice call feature on Android requires an invite, so not all users can test out making calls on Google's mobile platform. The only way to gain access to the feature is to be invited by a fellow Android user in order to make calls using the app or by gaining root access to your device. Eventually, Android users will be able to make calls through the messaging app without having to be invited to use it.

Even iPhone users can make calls using WhatsApp right now, but they may have to be willing to jailbreak their handset. In any case, an official update to WhatApp for iOS should bring the native calling feature in a few weeks anyway.

source - VentureBeat | Forbes
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