T-Mobile announces Un-carrier 9.0 with Un-Contract and Carrier Freedom

Today T-Mobile had its Un-carrier 9 event, and while it didn't have anything to do with HTC's announcement, it still had the huge impact on the wireless industry as we have come to expect. Today's announcement was mainly aimed at business customers, but there are some relevant bits for consumers too.

On the business customers, T-Mobile is offering three main reforms - simpler pricing, bonus business tools, and business family discounts.

Un-carrier plan for business

Simple and 100% transparent pricing puts an end to the pricing shell game perpetuated by the carriers. Every line comes with unlimited talk, text and up to 1 GB of data on America’s fastest nationwide 4G LTE network. Businesses can choose to buy data per line or with a new pooled data option.

Tools to mobilize your business

Through a partnership with GoDaddy and Microsoft, T-Mobile’s offering Simple Choice business customers a free .com mobile optimized site through an exclusive new partnership with GoDaddy. Additionally, the new program includes a free domain-based email account powered by Microsoft Office 365.

Business Family Discounts

T-Mobile will now count a company-paid line as the first line on your employee’s family plan - so employees can save up to 50% on their Simple Choice family plan.

T-Mobile has opted to make each business line $15 for unlimited talk/text and 1GB of LTE data. Additional data can be added on a per-line basis ($10 for 2GB more, $30 for unlimited). Businesses can also use shared data pools that are only charged based on usage. T-Mobile is also offering better discounts if workers set up their families on T-Mobile.

For consumers, the Un-carrier introduced two main additions


With Un-Contract, T-Mobile promises to honor any promotion you sign up under forever. So for example, that 10GB family plan deal for $100 per month is now permanent. The Un-Contract promotion will kick off for all Simple Choice Plan customer starting March 22.

Carrier Freedom

Carrier Freedom is a program that extends T-Mobile's ETF reimbursement scheme to cover installment plans and leasing. That means you can switch from something like Verizon's Edge payment plan or AT&T Next, and T-Mobile will pay up to $650 to cover your expenses.

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