Super Mario 64 HD demonstrated on Apple iPhone 6

Super Mario 64 HD demonstrated on Apple iPhone 6We recently learned that Nintendo had partnered with DeNA to bring its classic titles to mobile devices. Nintendo has a large stable of popular characters and games, but instead of porting them directly for iOS, Android or Windows Phone, the company plans to bring all new titles built with mobile platforms in mind.

However, a video posted this Friday on social media, shows Super Mario 64 HD running on an Apple iPhone 6.

It turns out that this video was the result of work done by a developer named Erik Roystan Ross. Ross came up with a version of Super Mario 64 that he created using the Unity engine. Ross recreated the first level of the game in a bid to show off his Super Character Controller for Unity, which makes animating characters easier. James Fietch of Mobot turned Ross' work into an iPhone game and added virtual controls.

Lastly, the gang at Touch Arcade were able to run the game on an iPhone 6, and made a video of it in action. If Nintendo sticks to its guns, we won't see games like Super Mario playing on an iPhone although we could see Mario involved in a new series of games.

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