Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs. Apple iPhone 6 Plus - Camera Comparison

Samsung Galaxy S6 EdgeApple iPhone 6 Plus

Samsung was quick to compare the superiority of the cameras on their new flagships with Apple's top offerings. We have also seen photo samples of the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge online. Now lets see how the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge camera compares head to head against the Apple iPhone 6 Plus.

The test compares the 16MP camera on the newest Samsung flagship against the 8MP camera on Apple's top smartphone. The review looks at outdoor and low-lit scenes, but the full resolution images have not been provided for a detailed reference. A video capture sample has also been provided, showing the 4K UHD video sample from the Galaxy S6 Edge compared against the 1080p capturing from the iPhone 6 Plus.

Check out the photos and 1080p HD video sample captured by the iPhone 6 Plus camera

Next you can sample the photos along with the 4K UHD video captured by the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

source - Mobilsiden

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