Samsung Galaxy S5 receives Lollipop update in Canada with bug fixes

Samsung Galaxy S5 receives Lollipop update in Canada with bug fixes
The Samsung Galaxy S5 in Canada is now receiving the Android 5.0 Lollipop update. Samsung previously started rolling out the Lollipop update, but was forced to halt the OTA update, when it caused a number of issues in certain regions. The new version of the update includes bug fixes for these problems so they should not affect Galaxy S5 users in Canada who install it on their phones.

The new update has a March 10th build date, indicating it has just been compiled. Canadian carriers like Koodo and Bell have already posted information about the new build of Android 5.0 for the Galaxy S5.

The update includes the new Material Design, the 64-bit ART compiler for faster opening of apps, Project Volta for longer battery life, the new "Recent Apps" screen, Quick Settings pull down menu from any page, Lock Screen notifications and more.

The update is quite large in size, so it is best that you are connected to WiFi and have your battery appropriately charged (at least 50%) before installing it. Keep in mind that such OTA updates are usually rolled out in stages, so it may be a few days before it will be available for your device. You can also try manually checking for the update under Settings, or go the old fashion way and try downloading the update through your PC using Samsung Kies.

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