Samsung Galaxy Blade edge announced as the world's first smart knife

Samsung Galaxy Blade edge

Samsung has announced a brand new smart accessory aimed at those in the culinary field - meet the Samsung Galaxy Blade Edge - the world's first smart knife. The Blade edge comes with all the features of the Galaxy S6 - including Android, the latest TouchWiz UI, and a great camera that's always ready to take photos of your delicious food.

With its ceramic body and its razor-sharp diamond edge, the new Galaxy can be successfully used as a kitchen knife. It comes with a foldable handle that can, upon request, be made out of premium olive wood, ceramic, or stainless steel.

Thanks to Samsung Knox, the Blade edge is a safe knife. It's got a finger detection mechanism that prevents it from cutting human skin, while anti-virus protection alerts you whenever unwanted germs are detected in your ingredients. In addition, the Galaxy Blade edge is waterproof and fireproof, and includes a stylus that can function as a thermometer, or as a baking tool. Samsung designed an Ultra 4D Curved Flash to be used as the main memory of the Galaxy Blade edge.

All in all, Samsung believes that the Galaxy Blade edge should be the ultimate kitchen tool for modern chefs who, thanks to the new device, no longer need to buy smartphones and knifes as separate products.

source - Samsung Tomorrow

PS - It's already April 1 in South Korea, which means the Galaxy Blade edge is just one of Samsung's April Fools' Day pranks. I doubt any of our readers would have actually believed this product was real as the description is just ridiculous. We had to remove some of the outlandish bits to keep the post believable :)

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