Pebble Time watch smartstraps offer expandable sensors with open SDK

Pebble Time watch smartstraps

Besides unveiling the Pebble Time Steel, the company also unveiled details about its fully customizable smartstraps with an open SDK and possibility to add various sensors. With the limited area within a watch to add multiple sensors, it makes sense to take advantage of the strap.

Pebble smartstraps
Pebble has a dedicated connection between the timepiece and the smartstrap, which is capable of sending and receiving both power and data between the two. Naturally, replacing these smartbands would happen in the same way as for the normal bands.

The first few suggested sensors that could arrive in these new smartbands could bring the following new features to the new Pebble Time series:

  • GPS
  • heart-rate monitor
  • NFC
  • additional battery

The list is, open to developers who can make bands and program them via the open SDK. The smartstraps could also be used to provide additional space for notifications.

source - Pebble

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