Next Windows 10 for phones build will support "a lot more" phones, here's the entire list

Next Windows 10 for phones build will support "a lot more" phones, here's the entire list

When Microsoft rolled out the First Technical Preview of Windows 10 for phones, the company allowed only a select few handsets the ability to install the preview version of the company's next mobile operating system. This was due to a "system partition" issue. Now, the company has revealed that the next build of Windows 10 for phones will support "a lot" more phones.

According to Microsoft, the "vast majority [of phones] will be supported with the next flight." Support will also be added for phones that didn't have China Mobile Operator support in the last build.
"We still have some work to do to validate individual phones, as well as the builds that we're flighting through our internal rings. As I said in the post on frequency I cannot guarantee a date for a new build. What I CAN tell you is that we feel great here about the partition stitching code and current builds, but we likely still have at least one more week of engineering to do to ensure we get a great build for the expanded list of devices."
Following along the latest Windows 10 build for PCs, the new Windows 10 for phones build will be delivered on a similar cadence - meaning, builds will be delivered faster than before. The reason we haven't seen a new build sooner is because of the partition stitching issue.
"The latest build for PCs is the first build that we've delivered on that new cadence. We expect the same principles to hold for phones as well as PCs, but the first step for us was to get partition stitching done so that we could unlock a much larger set of phones for you to use for Windows 10 technical previews."
As long as there are no long minute bugs, we can expect the following list of devices will be supported by the next build of Windows 10 for phones.

One device which surprisingly has not made the list is the flagship Lumia 930, which is essentially the global variant of the Verizon exclusive Lumia Icon. Unfortunately no specific release date was given, but given Microsoft's willingness to share the list, we reckon it won't be too long off.

source - Microsoft

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