Microsoft Lumia 535 receives new OS and firmware update, likely addresses display touch issues

Microsoft Lumia 535 receives new OS and firmware updateMicrosoft is pushing out an update to the Lumia 535, which aims to fix a persistent touchscreen sensitivity issue that some owners of the smartphone have encountered.

Microsoft previously released an OTA update for the Lumia 535 that was designed to fix these touch screen bugs, but that patch didn't solve the problems for all owners of the smartphone. Hopefully Microsoft will have resolved with the new update.

The update is currently rolling out only to certain regions, including India, Taiwan, and the UK. This is likely so that Microsoft can evaluate if the issue has been rectified before a full global rollout. In any case, you should be receiving the update OTA if you live in one of these regions and you will receive an alert when it is available for download. You can also try manually checking for the update under Settings > Phone Update > Check for Update.

The update will bring a new version of Windows Phone 8.1 to your device, along with the firmware patch to fix the touchscreen issue:
  • OS: 14234 (8.10.14234.375)
  • Firmware: 15053 (02060.00000.15053.2400x)
Once Microsoft can access the success of the update, they will likely continue rolling it out to users in other countries like Hong Kong, the Philipines, and Singapore, who are still on the 14226 OS build. Other countries are likely to get the update in the coming days, and you can check your device's status by visiting Microsoft's Lumia Update page.

Hopefully, this will solve the problems that some owners of the smartphone have encountered with tracking input from their fingers. If you own a Lumia 535 and have downloaded and installed the update, please let us know if it has indeed fixed the touchscreen issues in the comments.

source - Microsoft | WindowsCentral

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