Microsoft launches Hoop by Coloud headset for Lumia smartphones

Microsoft launches Hoop by Coloud headset for Lumia smartphones

Microsoft has partnered with Coloud (a Swedish maker of audio accessories) to create and launch a new headset for Lumia smartphones. The headset is called Hoop by Coloud, and is an in-ear one that's targeted at users with an active lifestyle, being built to "handle your favorite workouts."

The headset is designed by Microsoft, and is protected against dust, splashes, and sweat, and come with a tangle-free cable that's coated with a reflective material (helping you stay visible in the dark). An adjustable support loop helps keeping the earpieces in your ear, so you won't be distracted when running. Technical specs include a 32 ohm speaker impedance, and a frequency response of 20 - 20,000 Hz. The headset weighs 20.5 grams, and can operate at temperatures between -5 and +40 degrees Celsius (23 - 104 degrees Fahrenheit).

Hoop by Coloud (1)Hoop by Coloud (2)

The Hoop by Coloud headphone is compatible with all Lumia smartphones, but Microsoft emphasizes that they can be used with the newly announced Microsoft Lumia 640 and Microsoft Lumia 640 XL. For now, the Hoop by Coloud headset seems to be available only in Europe, where it costs €29. It's offered in three color variants - green, orange, and black.

Hoop by Coloud green

Hoop by Coloud black

Hoop by Coloud orange

source - Microsoft (Lumia Conversations)
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