Watch the HTC 'Uh-Oh' event video stream

HTC has scheduled an event for today, which will take place in Seattle in the U.S., and HTC Americas president Jason Mackenzie is said to be hosting. The event is expected to start at 12 NOON ET, but there is no indication on what the manufacturer plans to unveil during the proceedings.

There is some speculation that HTC will unveil the HTC One M9 Plus - An even more powerful version of the recently announced HTC One M9, which will feature a Quad HD display, dual camera setup and a fingerprint scanner. However, given the infancy of its new flagship launch, it wouldnt make sense for HTC to butcher its own sales.

Another possibility is that HTC could announce a U.S. launch date and pricing for the HTC One M9. The new flagship was unveiled earlier this month during the Mobile World Congress, and it was just yesterday that HTC U.S. president Jason Mackenzie tweeted that the company had a "big surprise" for prospective HTC One M9 customers in the country.

There is also a possibility that the event is somehow linked to T-Mobile's uncarrier announcement, which is also scheduled to take place tomorrow.

[UPDATE] It seems HTC will be unveiling a new device replacement program for its upcoming HTC One M9 called 'Uh-Oh'. You can learn more about the program here.

The online live stream will let you follow up with the proceedings as they happen even if you’re not on location. If you happen to miss the event due to other commitments, we will be covering the announcements right here


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