HTC appoints Cher Wang as new CEO, Peter Chou stays on as head of HTC Future Development Lab

HTC (formerly High-Tech Computer Corporation) was founded by Peter Chou, Cher Wang, and H. T. Cho (oddly familiar initials) back in 1997. Ever since, the company has evolved from being an ODM for others like Compaq Computers and T-Mobile to becoming a standalone branded smartphone manufacturer.

Up until today, Chou headed the company has its CEO, while Wang and H.T. Cho sat as Chairman of the board, with the latter being its Director too. That's about to change though, since Cher Wang is taking over as CEO while Chou transitions to a more product-oriented position as Head of HTC Future Development Lab.

The change didn't come as a surprise to many (it didn't even influence HTC's stock) since Wang had already been taking on more responsibilities inside the company for more than a year, a move that was thought to be transitory but ended up being permanent. It also makes sense given HTC's less than stellar financial performance over the past few years, the departures of several senior executives, and Chou's known inkling toward product design and development more than the managerial aspects of his position.

HTC founders Cher Wang, H.T.Cho and Peter Chou
HTC founders Cher Wang, H.T.Cho and Peter Chou

In an interview with Bloomberg, Wang declared "I don't really think a year ago would have been the right time" to replace Chou, but "I know the company, I know the people, and I have the vision [...] I think I am the best candidate. I suggested it." Looks like she saw an opening and went for it.

Chou isn't being completely discarded though, he seems to be pulling a bit of a Page (from Google's book). As Head of the Future Development Lab, he is going to be less involved with the business side of things and "will be instrumental in identifying future growth opportunities for the Company."

It seems that the positions are being rearranged within the company to suit everyone's strengths, so let's hope that this change helps HTC advance and get out more interesting products in the future.

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