How to enable WhatsApp voice calling on your iPhone

How to enable WhatsApp voice calling on your iPhoneWhatsApp is set to receive voice calling very soon, and Android users can gain access to the feature right now if they are rooted and willing to edit some system files.

Unfortunately, the current version 2.11.16 of WhatsApp for iOS does not support the calling feature, and you will require the latest beta version if you want to try it out.

WhatsApp for iOS version which is currently in beta, is the version you need. However it is limited to those who have been invited to try out the beta.

Fortunately downloading and installing the beta is not too complicated and you can do so by following these steps.
  1. Download and install the WhatsApp beta from your iPhone;
  2. Make sure the people you are trying to call have the beta too, regardless of if they are on an Android handset, or an iPhone;
  3. If you decide to go back to the official version, do not install it from the App Store before you have removed the beta, as your chat history might get lost during the overwrite.
As you can see getting the voice calling feature on WhatsApp for iOS is quite simple. Some users are reporting issues with the call option on iOS versions above 8.1, and others claim you need to be jailbroken and install the Cydia tweak, but it should be working even if your phone isn't jailbroken. Also, if the other device you are trying to contact has official WhatsApp versions installed from the Play or App Store, calling them would obviously not be possible, as they don't have the latest beta that can be downloaded from the WhatsApp link above.

If you have a jailbroken iPhone, you can check out the following video, which explains the process for a jailbroken device.

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