Google releases Android Auto app, allows using Lollipop powered smartphone in your car

Google releases Android Auto app
Google has finally pushed an official Android Auto app to the Play Store that will allow Lollipop phones to work with the first few head units and cars with support for the platform. Your device will be required to run Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher, and requires a compatible Android Auto system.

Yesterday, Pioneer started shipping out the first Head Units with Android Auto, which are priced at around $1400. However you will have to have the Android Auto app installed on your smartphone in order to take advantage of your Head Unit.

You might also notice the package name for the Auto app is Gearhead, which is the internal name for the platform. It will probably be a while before Android Auto is widely available enough for you to make use of this app, but at least it's there. While Pioneer is the first with available head units,more are expected later this year.

Once you are ready to try it out, you can download the app directly on your Android device through the Google Play Store or by using the following link


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