Cortana will track your packages on Windows 10

Cortana will track your packages on Windows 10As the launch of Windows 10 inches closer, Microsoft continues to update many of its features, which includes a desktop version of Cortana. Recently a new feature of Microsoft's digital assistant has been discovered in a build of Windows Phone - Cortana will soon be able to track your packages.

Cortana tracking your package on Windows Phone 10A screenshot shared by an Insider @Nawzil8 reveals that Cortana can now tack FedEx/ UPS packages on Windows 10 for Phones. By simply searching the tracking number, she shows the current status and the on-going status in your daily glance.

Its assumed that Cortana will eventually be able to scan through our emails (if you give it the permission) and show these tracking results in your daily glance without any interaction. One can also expected to receive notifications when a package’s shipping status get changed. This function would be similar to how flight tracking currently works in digital assistant.

Like many early Cortana features, this ability appears to be US only at the moment. Please let us know if you have it working outside of the US. Are you excited about being able to track your packages on Cortana ?

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