AT&T introduces ForHealth with aggregated health and fitness data

AT&T introduces ForHealth
AT&T has introduced a new service called ForHealth at MWC 2015, accompanied by a mobile app of the same name. This service will collect and analyse all your fitness and health data. The app will also provide you with a warning and give you recommendations based on the data. 

As an example, AT&T's Internet of Things chief Chris Penrose points to a situation where ForHealth  send you a note, based on your data, stating that you run more on days following a sleep of more than six hours. Knowing this connection, you might go to sleep earlier the day before you have a run planned.

AT&T's mission with ForHealth, is to have the user check their health daily, similar to checking your email or looking up the weather. Unlike Apple's HealthKit, which works only with iOS devices, AT&T's For Health will aggregate data from devices that run on all platforms, including most wearable devices and fitness apps. The carrier also added that ForHealth will be available to customers of rival mobile operators T-Mobile and Sprint.

ForHealth will be available starting in the second quarter of 2015, and AT&T is partnering with activities tracker Tictrac to develop the system.

source - AT&T | Fierce Wireless

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