Asus ZenFlash adds a Xeon flash to your Asus phone

Asus Zenflash with Asus Lolliflash

Asus had a surprise for everyone during its ZenFone 2 event in Taiwan. In addition to unveiling the Asus ZenFone 2, the manufacturer introduced the ZenFlash and LolliFlash - two accessories for your smartphone which improve your photography experience.

Asus Zenflash
The Asus ZenFlash is a dongle that comes with a Xenon flash that connects to your Asus phone using a USB OTG connection. The resulting flash is said to be as much as 400 times as bright as your typical LED flash. Asus did not reveal pricing or availability details for this accessory.

Asus LolliflashThe Asus LolliFlash is  a two-tone LED flash packed into a circular lollipop shaped package. This accessory fits into any phone with a headphone jack, and is ideally a flashlight rather than a regular flash. The idea is that you turn it on just before taking a photograph or a selfie to take advantage of the additional light that the product generates. 

Additionally, the LolliFlash comes with three protective covers in red, yellow and blue, that double as a filter. Again, Asus has failed to reveal any pricing or availability details on this accessory.

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