Apple announces ResearchKit, turns iPhones into medical research devices

Apple ResearchKitDuring Apple's Sprint Forward event, the company spoke about the usefulness of the Apple iPhone and the introduction of Healthkit with iOS 8. It also announced ResearchKit, an open source framework built with medical research in mind.

With ResearchKit, your iPhone can be used as a medical research device, enabling researchers to easily create apps to help with their work. Data is securely collected by anyone willing to contribute, and it is possible to control how much of a contributor's personal data is accessed.

Apple has partners with several leading medical institutions around the world, who are currently using ResearchKit to gain insight on diseases like, Asthma, Parkinson's Disease, Diabetes, Breast Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease. These institutions have also released apps to help with their study.

You can download the apps directly on your device through the Apple App Store or by using the following links

Asthma Health for iOS Asthma Health
Asthma Health is a personalized tool that helps you to gain greater insight into your asthma, adhere to treatment plans, avoid triggers, and take charge of your health.
mPower for iOS mPower for Parkinson's Disease
mPower is a personal tool and research instrument to track symptoms of Parkinson disease.
GlucoSuccess for iOS GlucoSuccess for Diabetes
GlucoSuccess is powered by Apple’s new ResearchKit, allowing you to participate in a medical research study focused on Pre-Diabetes & Diabetes. 
Share the Journey for iOS Share the Journey for Breast Cancer
Share the Journey: Mind, Body and Wellness after breast cancer enables a medical research study that aims to understand the symptoms after breast cancer treatment, why these symptoms vary over time, and what can be done to improve them.
MyHeart Counts for iOS MyHeart Counts for Cardiovascular Disease
The MyHeart Counts app is a personalized tool that can help you measure daily activity, fitness, and cardiovascular risk.

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