Samsung Galaxy S5 for Sprint receives Android 5.0 Lollipop

Samsung Galaxy S5 The Samsung Galaxy S5 for Sprint is reportedly receiving the Android 5.0 Lollipop software update. The news comes after HTC announced that it would be rolling out Lollipop for the HTC One (M7) on Sprint. Meanwhile Verizon became the first US carrier to bring Lollipop to the Galaxy S5 on its network.

The Lollipop update will be rolled out to the Sprint Galaxy S5 OTA, and users will receive a notification when it is available for download. Since such updates are rolled out in stages, it may be awhile before it is available for your handset. You can also try manually checking for the update under Settings. In any case when the update does arrive users are advised to download it over Wi-Fi and to ensure that their batteries are appropriately charged.

Besides the usual changes from Android 5.0 Lollipop, which includes the updated lockscreen with notifications, the new recent apps multitasking and updated slide-down menu, you also get an updated Material Design inspired TouchWiz UI. From Sprint you get Enhanced VoWiFi UI and the Lumen toolbar will be removed.

The Lumen Toolbar was the carrier's Pinsight Media+ mobile advertising program. Basically this toolbar was integrated into the stock web browser on the Sprint Galaxy S5 and provided ads while user browses the internet. Its good to see that the carrier has finally removed this annoying and somewhat shameless money making service.

source - Samsung | AndroidPolice

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