Microsoft's aquitition of Sunrise is finally official

SunriseWe recently reported that Microsoft may have purchased the popular cross platform calendar app Sunrise. The news has finally been made official as both companies have acknowledged the acquisition. While financial terms were not disclosed, the purchase is rumors to have cost Microsoft around $100 million.

Sunrise made its debut last summer, and has been well received by Android and iOS users. Initially, Sunrise covered the basics, offering integration with Google Calendar and iCloud, with developers at Sunrise Atelier later adding integration with Exchange. Sunrise also connects with Twitter, Facebook, and Evernote to round out the experience.

Despite its short lifespan, the app has enjoyed millions of downloads on the Google Play and Apple App store. The developers have even ported their offering to Chrome and Mac desktop users.

The new Microsoft is pretty active at recognizing products that can better their position in the post PC world. After purchasing the email app Acompli, and relaunching it as Outlook for iOS and Android, we expect the company has similar plans for strengthening its portfolio with Sunrise.

Microsoft plans to leverage Sunrise into its mobile strategy in what it calls "that future of calendaring," and we expect we will soon see it  get integrated into the converged environment that Windows is becoming.

source - Microsoft | Sunrise

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