Microsoft plans to take on Apple's 'Find My Friends' with 'People Sense' on Windows phones

Microsoft's People Sense, codenamed Buddy Aware

As part of making Windows Phone a success, Microsoft wants to make sure it can cover all the features offered on competitors plans on its own devices. The most recent feature is an app called People Sense which hopes to take on Apple's Find My Friends.

Much like Apple's service, People Sense will allow users to chat and share their location with friends and family members. The app also integrates Bing Maps with messaging and calling features. You can specify a group of people you want to share your location with, and allows you to see real-time information about them -- such as their location on a map, detailed directions, and calling/messaging features for that contact . The app is currently codenamed Buddy Aware and you can take a look at a short hands-on demo of the app below.

The app is clearly still under development, and Microsoft will likely add more features before it is ready for mainstream. Its currently unknown of Microsoft will introduce People Sense as a replacement to the Rooms feature, which it recently informed it would discontinue.

With the introduction of universal apps in Windows 10, it will be interesting to see if this feature is transitioned over to Windows 10 desktops and tablets.

source - Microsoft Place (translated)

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