Walmart launches VUDU Spark, an HDMI streaming stick for $25

VUDU Spark

Walmart has launched the VUDU Spark, an HDMI streaming stick which costs just $25 and aims to compete against devices like the Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV Stick and Roku Streaming Stick. Walmart will sell the streaming stick through its own retail stores and eventually roll it out to other retailers.

The VUDU Spark's highlight is its price. At $25, it is around $10 cheaper than its main competitor. However, like its name suggests, the device will only stream content from VUDU. If you are OK with that, then you are getting quite a bargain at $25.

VUDU Spark (1)

VUDU offers a collection of full-length movies and TV shows, including some of the newest tiles. Users can purchase/rent and watch their content just as they would on Google Play or Amazon. Vudu also offers deals on digital content, a Kids Zone and various digital services.

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