ODrive lets you combine all your cloud storage into one

As the internet gets faster and our devices get smaller, Cloud Storage is quickly becoming the go to solution to save our files. The problem is that users may have multiple cloud storage solutions and keeping track of them all can be cumbersome. This is about to change with ODrive.

Microsoft offers OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) to Windows users, while Google and Android customers prefer Google Drive. On top of that you have other big companies like Box and Dropbox which are choice solutions for your cloud storage, while photos tend to find their way to Facebook.

Its hard to choose which solution is right for you, so why choose? ODrive allows you to consolidate all your storage into one location making life much simpler.

Once you have downloaded and installed the ODrive app on your computer, you simply need to sync your  DropboxFacebook, Google DriveGmailInstagram, or Microsoft OneDrive among others.

ODrive is not limited to single accounts, so if you have multiple Google or Dropbox accounts, you can combine all of them under your ODrive and access all your files in one place.

ODrive turns your file server into your own private cloud and delivers faster, better access to all the files already on your server.
ODrive's lightweight Progressive Sync technology syncs files and folders as you browse into them. This way you aren't forced to sync tons of files you don't need. ODrive allows you to remove files or entire folders from your computer by unsyncing them. Your files stay safely stored in your app's storage and can be easily accessed again anytime.

If you no longer need to access a specific service, you can easily unlink any app folder from your odrive. You'll have the option to keep the files on your computer or discard them if you no longer need them.

Your odrive folder connects and authenticates directly against the third party app of your choice (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.) This means we never see your passwords and we do not store or copy any of your files.

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