Microsoft Surface Pro 2 receives new firmware update

Microsoft Surface Pro 2

Microsoft has released a firmware update to the Surface Pro 2 along with the Surface Pro 3 and the original Surface Pro. The second generation Surface Pro is nearly identical to the original model, but offers improved performance and battery life.

Besides being faster than the original Surface Pro, the Surface Pro 2 came with an improved version of its kickstand, increased number of storage options  and cover accessories (such as a new "Power Cover" with an auxiliary battery).

The firmware update released on 1/15/2015 for the Microsoft Surface Pro has the following new features and improvements.
  • Surface Pro UEFI update (v2.05.0150) improves the PXE boot experience with the 1 gigabit Surface Ethernet Adapter and further enhances the system security.
  • HD Graphics Family driver update (v10.18.14.4029) enhances display stability and performance, improves user experience when using Miracast adapters. Improves compatibility with DisplayPort monitors and daisy chaining.
Once you have updated your Surface to the latest firmware, leave us a comment and let us know if it has improved your tablet performance.

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