Here's what's new in Windows 10

Here's what's new in Windows 10

We have already gotten a comprehensive list of new features coming to Windows 10. However Microsoft showcased 'The Next Chapter' of the platform we got a whole list of new features we can expect from the platform.

Here's whats new in Windows 10
Windows 10 is one of the biggest updates to Microsoft's desktop platform. It will be a cross platform operating system bringing the best of Windows 7 and Windows 8 together.

We already know the Start Menu is making its return to Windows 10, but we saw how Microsoft has enhanced it with Live Tiles, while adding the ability to expand it across your screen. While the multi-desktop feature wasn't demonstrated we did get a glimpse of Cortana on Windows 10 and the upcoming Project Spartan web browser.

Besides that, Microsoft also gave users a first glimpse of universal apps, Windows 10 on phones, Windows Holographic with Microsoft HoloLens, Xbox games on Windows 10 and the Microsoft Surface Hub.

Windows 10 for phones

Windows 10 for phones
Microsoft is taking a huge leap forward with Windows 10. But what we found most exciting was that Windows 10 will be offered for free to all Windows Phone 8 devices. This is an unprecedented move from the company that came under fire for leaving Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 customer behind when they released OS updates.

Windows 10 for phones will share a common kernel, and a common app store with its large screen counterparts. Despite looking visually different, the universal apps will easily scale from  phones, tablets, and laptops, with only the interface icons and menus adjusted to fit the various screen scenarios - small, large, touch, non-touch and so on.

The first thing you will notice on Windows 10 for phones is that the wallpapers can be applied across the entire display and not just the Start Tiles. The tiles themselves are transparent allowing the wallpaper to be visible through them.

Swiping to the right reveals the list of installed apps. On Windows 10 these apps will be better organized, allowing users to see the most recently installed apps on top if they wish.

Microsoft is rebuilding its entire stable of apps into universal apps, including Outlook, Calendar, Photos, People, Maps and Xbox. These apps will contain the same code on tablets, PCs and Phones and the UI will be scaled to fit various screen sizes.

The updated Outlook on Windows 10 will be powered by Word, offering comprehensive styling and rich formatting capabilities. Photos on Windows 10 will automatically enhance and touch up photos, removing blemishes like red eye and set right exposure. The Calendar on Windows 10 will offer more colorful and rich features.

Microsoft is also releasing a new version of universal Office for Windows,  which includes Word, PowerPoint and Excel. These apps have the full power of office, including, review, formatting and everything else, and is powered by hardware acceleration. The new Office apps will be free on Windows 10 phones and small-screen tablets.

Microsoft's new Spartan web browser will debut on Windows 10 and brings a fresh UI and lots of new features like: reading mode, stylus inking support, offline support for reading, Cortana integration and much more.

Microsoft is updating the Action Center on Windows 10, making it universal across phones, tablets and PCs. Notifications on the new Action Center will be synced across all your Windows 10 devices. Additionally notifications are now actionable, allows you to perform quick tasks, such as replying to messages or deleting individual emails.

Microsoft has a  new toggles menu in store, with taps for GPS, silent mode, and a rudimentary settings menu. The Settings itself has been updated, making it more organized and grouped for easy access.

The Messaging experience has been improved greatly on Windows 10. Users can now use voice instead of typing as a microphone icon will appear above your keyboard at all times for voice recognition. Windows 10 also better identifies phones with large screen displays, and allows the onscreen keyboard to be detached and moved for easier single handed use.

The Messaging app within Windows 10 has also been updated, with support for sending text messages via Skype and other IP providers.

Windows 10 for phones will now include the full mobile versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The Office ribbon has been downsized and tailored for smaller displays, and yet staples like Track Changes will now be present on Win 10 smartphones, too. You will also have the option for wirelessly beaming presentations and other documents through Miracast, or to a connected printer.

Office on Windows 10 for phones and PCs

The live tiles are still here, and are livelier than ever, populated with real-time information. Now wallpapers span across your entire Start Screen and are no longer limited to your Start Tiles.

Powerpoint on Windows 10 for phones

The final version of Windows 10 for phones isn't expected until later this year, when Microsoft promised new flagship Windows phones. Along those lines he also mentioned that Mobile World Congress, which will take place in Barcelona in March, and the Microsoft Build conference, scheduled for April, were events we didn't want to miss, although we doubt that any high-end Windows phones may debut at either of them. However given that all Windows Phone 8 handsets will get to try out Windows 10, Insiders will get to test the new platform in February.

Meanwhile Windows 10 insiders will get their hands on the next build of Windows 10 as early as next week.

Overall, 2015 looks to be a busy year for Microsoft. By the end of this year the software giant will bring Windows 10 to phones, laptops, tablets and PCs, and offer Windows 10 as a free upgrade to Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 customers.

With all its new features, and its free pricing, Windows 10 looks like its going to be the most exciting product from Microsoft to date. Leave us a comment and let us know what you thought about today's announcements and Windows 10.

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