Google Nexus Player now available in the US through Best Buy, Newegg and Amazon

Google Nexus Player

The Google Nexus Player was launched alongside the Nexus 6 and the Nexus 9, as the company's first Android TV device. Its been available through the Google Play Store, but it hasn't seen the demand of the Nexus devices or the Chromecast. Google is hoping to change this, by making the Asus built device available in the US through Amazon, Newegg and Best Buy.

Best Buy is selling the unit at its standard $99.99 price. Unfortunately shipping is not available, so buyers will have to pick the device up online. If you don't have a Best Buy store near you, consider picking one up from Newegg, which is offering the device at the same rate with free shipping included for good measure. Both outlets also have the $39.99 ASUS Bluetooth gamepad, which is necessary for playing games on Android TV.
Amazon also has the device on stock, but its currently sold through third-party sellers with a considerable markup and it doesn't even offer Amazon Prime shipping. Buyers are better off avoiding an Amazon purchase for now and picking the unit from either Best Buy or Newegg.

[UPDATE] [01/26/2015] Google has also tweeted out that the Nexus player will be available through FrysElectronics, Staples, TigerDirect and Walmart

source - Google

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