Google launched an "Inbox Happy Hour" to gain more users

Inbox Happy Hour

Earlier today Microsoft launched Outlook Preview for iOS and Android, which is a result of the company's acquisition of Acompli. Now Google wants to remind users of its own email services, and is doing so with an "Inbox Happy Hour".

During the Inbox Happy Hour, which will last 24 hours, Google will be accepting requests for invites to use Inbox from GMail users. Since an invite is required even to use the Inbox for Android, and Inbox for iOS apps, this is a great opportunity to try out these services. You have until 12 NOON EST to send a request to and you will get a chance to try it out.

Inbox is essentially an enhanced version of GMail, which migrates all your GMail content into an organized layout. You login with your existing GMail ID, and you gain access to several Inbox features. You can "snooze" certain email so that it will disappear and return to your inbox later. You can also "pin" messages and those missives containing important appointment confirmations become easier to find. In addition, the app will give you information you need to complete a task. If you have a restaurant reservation, you will see a reminder along with the directions to the eatery. Eventually, Inbox will allow users to retract a sent email before it is read.

Inbox usage
Inbox usage statistics

Google has also sent out a graph showing how Inbox is currently being used. Apparently 70% of Inbox users are on the Android platform, while 28% are using on their Apple iPhone. Meanwhile only 34% are using Inbox on the web.

source - GMail (Twitter) | MobileSyrup

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