AT&T officially announces Rollover Data

AT&T It looks like AT&T has decided to follow in T-Mobile's footsteps in offering Rollover Data. It will be offered to all Mobile Share Value customers at no cost, and debuts on January 25th. Unlike T-Mobile's Data Stash, which lets customers employ unused data for up to 12 months, AT&T is requiring that its customers use their rollover data during the next month.

Everyone who shares data on a Mobile Share Value plan will have the ability to share in the use of the rollover data. AT&T customers will be able to view the amount of their unused data using the myAT&T app, or by visiting the carrier's website ( Any rollover data that is not used the following month will expire. More than 50 million AT&T customers will qualify for Rollover Data.

Now that AT&T is offering Rollover Data, we have to wonder if the other major carriers will follow suite to make it an industry standard. We have to hand it to T-Mobile's CEO and his team and they continue to change the norms of the wireless industry.

source - AT&T

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