Apple launches 'Free on iTunes' with TV shows and Music

Free on iTunes

Apple may have scrapped its iTunes Single of the Week’ freebie offer a short time ago, but it is introducing the new 'Free on iTunes' section for those looking to try out some content without the usual fee.

For now it looks like this section is restricted to users in the United States. Also it seems the section is only populated with a free new TV show episodes and music. Unfortunately, there are no movies to be had at this moment, nor music videos.

Free on iTunes (1)

While you may not find the exact content you are looking for, you may get lucky selecting from the list of up-and-coming artists like Purity Ring and Guster. You can also check out some new episodes from FOX, MTV or Animal Planet.

Apple's iTunes once dominated the market, and was the go to place for digital music. Now with the rise of services like Pandora and Spotify, along with the continuous growth of Android and its Google Play services, Apple has to rethink how it keeps its fans from moving onto greener pastures.

So if you are living in the U.S. and are invested in Apple's ecosystem, you may want to check out some of the free content and start building on your iTunes collection.

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