T-Mobile introduces "America's only unlimited family plan" for just $100

T-Mobile Unlimited 4G LTE Family PlanT-Mobile has its eyes set on overtaking Sprint before the end of this year, and wants to make a push during this holiday season. The Un-carrier understands the difficulty of keeping track of all the data your family is using throughout the month, and thinks it can do better with its new family plan. The new plan T-Mobile is offering is "America's only unlimited family plan", and seriously undercuts the competition in doing so.

The basic plan will be two lines (more of a couple than a family, but still) with unlimited talk, text, and data for $100. Then, you can add additional lines (up to 10) for just $40 each. This works out quite well, especially if you go by T-Mobile's handy chart, which shows it would cost $180 for a family of four, while the next closest option to be Sprint, which doesn't offer an unlimited family plan, but would cost $280 if you stacked 4 single-line iPhone unlimited plans together.

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It is important to point out that Sprint's four-line family plan with 80GB of shared data costs costs only $150. Its no surprise that this detail has missed T-Mobile's marketing team.

The unlimited family plan will be offered starting December 10th "for a limited time". There is no expiration on the deal though, so once you get in on it, as long as you keep unlimited data on all the lines, you keep the deal. There's no word yet on when T-Mobile will stop offering this deal. According to T-Mobile CEO John Legere, a big reason for offering this deal is that "AT&T, Verizon and Sprint pulled in more than $1.5 billion" in data overage penalties. T-Mobile already stopped using overage penalties earlier this year, opting instead for throttling data speeds.

The other option in T-Mobile's holiday promotions is four lines with 10GB total for $100, or 2.5GB for each line. The 2.5GB for each line will automatically revert back to just 1GB of data once 2016 starts.

source: T-Mobile

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